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Pungoll Masterplan

  • Pungoll Masterplan
  • Pungoll Masterplan
  • Pungoll Masterplan
  • Pungoll Masterplan
  • Pungoll Masterplan
  • Pungoll Masterplan

Project Overview

The Pungoll Parametric project has been designed to demonstrate a new benchmark for urban sustainability in public residential developments in Singapore. The project approaches urban sustainability from the basis of a triple-bottom-line definition, in which social and economic concerns are taken into account alongside considerations of the environment. Sustainability is therefore taken as a unifying focus of the project, integrating the design through the urban design to the architectural scale.

Cities bring together people along with the means of production. As well as maintaining a balance with the environment and building social infrastructure, healthy cities also therefore provide the framework for communities to develop their own local economies. Local economic benefits can be derived from initiatives such as Urban Agriculture.

The entire masterplan has been considered as an integrated urban ecology that supports social, economic and environmental sustainability principles. Within this framework a cohesive and rich urban fabric has been proposed that allows for variations in density, housing typologies, household mix, landscape experiences, and social/ community infrastructure.

The ribbon form articulates the masterplan from east to west across the site, allowing each building to be appropriately north-south oriented. Within the ribbon landscapes, the housing is clustered in groups of approximately four residential blocks or towers around a shared podium deck. Arranging the buildings in clusters creates neighbourhood adjacencies, allowing the residents to identify with a smaller section of the site.

Across the masterplan the Housing Ribbons transform and mutate, emerging in some places as residential blocks and in other places taking on the form of residential towers. The residential slab block has been selected for the Public Housing due to its inherent efficiencies – regularised planning and low ratio of façade area to floor area. The maisonette configuration allows for a very high degree of privacy within the apartment. This configuration gives rise to double height balconies, natural cross-ventilation and daylighting.

Project Team

Ben Milbourne, Edmund Carter


Anna Tweeddale

Project Status

Completed Concept Design