About NAAU

NAAU is an emerging architecture and urban design practice led by Edmund Carter, John Doyle, Ben Milbourne and Laura Mártires. The practice specialises on the design and delivery of 'urban architecture.'

With the rapid expansion of urbanisation over the last 100 years, more than half of the world's population is now living in cities. In the 21st century, the environment in which buildings and cities are procured has become increasingly complex. To respond to this we need to construct new models of practice that are capable of capable of dealing with ever more dynamic processes and complex organisations.

Our practice seeks to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of building in cities and urban environments. We specialise in design and problem solving, with a trans-disciplinary approach that spans architecture, interior and urban design, as well as information systems, sustainability, planning, economics, infrastructure and construction technology.

We look at an entire project and consider the site, the cultural and economic environment, a client's physical needs and budget constraints, as well as construction techniques, branding, marketing, and post-occupancy issues. We use evolving computer-aided design technologies not only to produce innovative architectural forms but to streamline the design and construction process and create new efficiencies and cost-savings.

The practice is organised around a core team of staff that are involved in all aspects of project work. As an office we embrace the collaborative nature of our industry and have developed a strong network of expert consultants and project partners with which we regularly work.

We are involved in ongoing research into the future of cities, and innovation in information and fabrication technology through our partnership with RMIT University.

NAAU's creative team has over 40 years of experience in significant architecture and urban design projects both internationally and in Australia. We contribute regularly to industry publications and journals and our work has been published extensively. Our partners are regularly invited to lecture on issues around architecture and urbanism, and have received numerous awards and citations.

Who we are